Evolve Your Sizing

We help brands update their sizing strategies to become more profitable.  


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Define Population

We pull body measurements from our global database & your website to show you the sizes of your customers.


Shape Space Cluster Analysis

We then compare your size charts to your ShapeShape to show the gaps. This shows the “Fit Coverage” of your grades.

4 out of 5 people won’t fit into a brand’s size chart range. We’re helping brands go from 20% to 60% coverage with grade adjustments.

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Non-parametrics for Your Brand

We’ll generate high quality 3D models of YOUR customers to design on top of.

Learn more about our Avatars here.


Better Sizing Leads to Better Revenues

Small changes in your brand’s sizing strategy & pattern blocks from body data can maximize revenues through each step of your supply chain.


Fit Coverage

See how your size charts compares to the global population.


Streamline Operations

Enhance supply chain, retail distribution, and online sell through.


Pattern Refinement

Refine your grading & sizing strategies to optimize revenue per size.


Validate in 3D

Perform fit validation in 3d environments based on better nonparametric bodies.


All Services

3D Body Scanning

BodyBlock is a brand of Fit3D. We’ve deployed 3d body scanners around the globe & generate 2000 new scans a day. We have the data to tackle your hardest sizing questions.


Digital 3D Model Selection & Software Integration

We work with you to choose / design the best digital 3D fit models to represent each size and deploy them so you can use in your favorite 3D design software



Sizing Strategy & Fit Coverage

As explained above, we use tons of data to show you how you could be improving your sizing & grade rules. Most brands that work with us see a 7-8X in Fit Coverage.


Size Prediction for eComm

Sell on eComm? We have a size quiz that actually generates 3d body models on the fly. Additionally, you’ll get web traffic statistics of every visitor on your site based on body shape & size.