Features Overview


BodyBlock Recommend seamlessly uses human body measurements from our Measurement AI solutions, an understanding of garment design and construction, and a ton of math and AI to ensure that each and every consumer is recommended the right size in your product, as designed intended and fit preference allows, in every channel.

Our ability to use or predict human body measurements allows BodyBlock Recommend to keep consumers focused on your brand while shopping on your brand and will eventually take size selection away from your consumer’s journey, completely!

Focus on your brand while we focus on your sizing and fit!

Predict / Use Body Measurements

Your prospects DO NOT KNOW their measurements, and no matter how hard they try, they are not good at taking their own measurements.

Measurement AI is the most accurate measurement capture and prediction solution on the market. Our Measurement AI solutions seamlessly integrate with BodyBlock Recommend so your prospects never need to know or user their measurements to accurately shop with your brand.

Throw away your size charts begin removing size selection from your customer journey.

Measurements = Clothing Design

Your clothing was designed around and to fit a human body. Share that body with us and we will perfect your customers’ fit experience with your brand.

We match each specific consumer’s body measurements with the body measurements of the fit form around which your clothing was designed. This allows us to match a your consumer’s body with your clothing and to predict the absolute best size or fit in your product run.

Consumers are not good at this, even if they know the measurements of your fit model… we are really good at this.

Recommendations that make sense

Do your consumers want to know that 87.5% of people prefer this size of this product, or KNOW THAT THIS SIZE WILL FIT THEIR BODY?

Our Measurement AI produces human body measurements. We match your consumer’s measurements to your sizing strategy, and our ability to develop consumer confidence based on this is unparalleled. We learn about your consumer body shapes, keep consumer focused on your brand, and recommend the right size and fit in your brand for their unique bodies. We don’t even, ever, ask them for a single body measurement or alternative favorite brand.

They are your prospects, let’s keep them that way and help them convert.


Use Cases



Apparel eCommerce is growing at 13.9% CAGR. Can you afford the sized / confidence based returns facing your business? Let us help!

You can get started in less than 2 weeks:

  • You share size strategy information with us to allow us to match body shapes with your sizing

  • You provide access to your PLM or other product tracking system and we correlate your products with your sizing strategy info

  • You copy and past 20 lines of our javascript code into your product description pages

  • … and… you are immediately converting at a higher rate and reducing size based returns

We show a 4X increase in conversion and 15% reduction in returns. As we mentioned above, can you afford not to work with us?

Oh yeah… and, this information flows directly into BodyBlock Insights to better help with inventory management, sizing strategy, and overall customer experience and distribution..


While apparel eCommerce is growing at an alarming rate, brick and mortar retail still showcases the lowest CAC. So, the question is: are you offering the best customer experience to your in-store customers?

As you are very well aware, different brands have different sizing and fit profiles. Let us go to work for you and your customers. Let your customers take our BodyBlock Predict quiz or a Body Snap right when they come in the door… then let us recommend the right size in every product you carry. Our solutions will enhance their shopping experience and assure quality sizing and fit.

Oh yeah… and, this information flows directly into BodyBlock Insights to better help with inventory management, sizing strategy, and overall customer experience and distribution..


We have a sweet set of solutions ready, willing, and able to help any brand designing, manufacturing, and distributing products made to fit the human body.

Let us know what you want to do regarding sizing and fit and I’m sure we can find a way to solve it.

We’re up to your challenge.