Optimizing Retail with Better Body Data

We leverage the largest global source of 3D body and consumer persona data to help you optimize your business based on the shape and measurements of your consumers.





The BodyBlock Ecosystem

We provide actionable intelligence based on consumers’ bodies, geographies, and personas to deliver superior customer experiences.


The BodyBlock Ecosystem is built upon a powerful and proprietary data source that grows every minute, is validated by sound AI, and has been vetted and approved by the largest apparel, health, and medical companies in the world.

When you jump into the BodyBlock Ecosystem, you will increase customer satisfaction, sell-through rates, conversions, and profits, all while reducing returns. Our solutions help you design, plan, manage inventory, ad target, distribute, and sell your products based on the body shapes of your prospects and customers.


Sizing Solutions


The most accurate set of solutions to capture body measurements on your consumers.


Simplified size construct, design, planning, inventory management, and targeting decisions by the world's first platform developed around body measurements.


The most accurate solution to digitally recommend the right size to each customers' unique body, every time, all the time... even the first.


We make some bold data claims... we'll show you where our data comes from, what it looks like, and why it is in a class of its own.