Better Data

BodyBlock is built upon a powerful and proprietary 3D Scan Database that grows every minute. We’ve been vetted by the top global brands for quality, and we simply have more bodies than anyone else.


Q: Why use our tools & data over an “official sizing study?”
Great question – It’s all about aggregate data. And having TONS of it.

If we redesigned how sizing studies are done, BodyBlock would be the approach. We collect data as a passive experiment so we have a wider & more natural range than observational studies.

More importantly, the controlled environments preferred by anthropologists are great, but they become less meaningful when you have 20-50x more data than a legacy sizing database. Ai & technology can easily solve these problems when you look at a trend graph and you rule out outliers.

Ask yourself if you’d rather be basing your entire business off a few hundred scans or hundreds of thousands?