Size(s) Matters

Everyone has data now. But the quality of this data is paramount.
Check out why our data is different & why you should care.




Exceptional Data


Amazing Coverage

We collect more data in 1-month that other vendors do in a lifetime.

  • Nearly 1,000,000 3D body scans

  • Global: 53 countries

  • Refresh Rate:
    2,000+ new scans a day



Diversity of Bodies

We have scanned just about every type of body on the planet.

  • Age Range: 13 - 85 (yrs)

  • Height Range: 50 - 84 (in)

  • Weight Range: 75 - 425 (lbs)

  • Body Fat Range: 5 - 60 (%)

  • Many Ethnicities



Validated Scans

Our proprietary, first-party 3D body data is collected using our patented 3D Body Scanners, which are globally placed into medical, fitness, wellness, weight loss, and retail businesses.

  • High resolution scans

  • Consistent quality

  • All primary sourced data w/ meta information


Why this Matters

Unless you have a good dataset behind your fit algorithm nothing really matters. While many other competitors buy data or can do machine learning, they are basing it off a poor foundation. If your brand cares about fit, your choice of a Sizing vendor should be based off the quality of their data, not flashy layers that lie on top of that.


A Changing Population

We all know that the human population is increasing in size. This is happening in every country. If your data is not recent, you’re literally planning around bodies that no longer exist.


Regional Comparions

We have constantly refreshing data from 53 countries. We work with top brands to run sizing studies comparing countries, regions, or even states. Personalize your sizing strategy to key regions of the globe without having to pay for an additional scan studies.

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 10.25.53 AM.png

Plus Size Data

Since we have scanners placed in weight loss centers & gyms, we have more plus size data that anyone else. Design for everybody - finally.