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The Largest Dataset of 3D Body Scans, Measurements, and associated Consumer Persona Information. The data platform derives actionable intelligence from a unique, proprietary, and large scale datasets in a privacy safe manner.


Our Data Capture Network

Our parent company, Fit3D, deploys our patented 3D body scanners to businesses in the health and wellness space. Our scanner infrastructure provides constant anonymized data back into the BodyBlock Ecosystem. We also have other capture solutions that brands can use to import your own data as well.


Available Data

Unlike other vendors, we own our scanners & collect our own consumer dimension and persona data. We don’t buy data from other sources to add to our dataset – we simply don’t have to.

  • High resolution 3D scans & avatars (1,000,000+ scans from 54 countries)

  • Body measurements (350 total, 71 ASTM)

  • Ability to capture custom measurements

  • Wellness metrics (height, weight, BMI, body composition, posture analytics, etc.)

  • Consumer Demographic Information (age, ethnicity, scan geolocation, reference to disposable income, etc.)

  • Additional Psychographic details can be obtained through follow up surveys for a custom persona view.


Sizing Coverage from 54 Countries

3D body dimension data is the foundation of our ecosystem, just like it should be the foundation of your business. A growing & changing population requires a new approach:

  • 2000 new scans every day.

  • 1000’s of scanners deployed globally.

  • Extensive meta-tagged information.


 How could your business transform if you knew the body dimensions of every consumer?


Privacy Details

We always get questions about data security & privacy. We take this very seriously.

The BodyBlock AI platform utilizes anonymous data captured from the Fit3D global network of 3D body scanners, anonymous data captured through BodyBlock Measure AI, and anonymous data captured through BodyBlock Recommend. The Fit3D privacy policy can be reviewed here.