Smarter Size Prediction

Ditch your size charts for BodyBlock Predict, our eCommerce size recommendation solution. We help brands increase conversions while decreasing returns.

BodyBlock Predict enables an ideal fit for every consumer, every time.


Customers Love the Fit,
Brands Love the Profits


Brands using BodyBlock Predict experience more conversions & less returns due to “poor fit.”

Customers that have a better initial fit experience come back, resulting in 3-4X more annual purchases.





Our solution accurately predicts user body measurements at 96%. Then we recommend the ideal size for every consumer, every time.

Other brands match “pattern-pattern”; we match “body-clothing.” We don’t guess, we fit to the body.


Fit Preference

Fit preference is not ubiquitous to every product, so users tell us fit preference for each product. Our system learns to optimize.


Size Prediction

1. Easy to understand size recommendations.

2. Visual indicators of fit quality.

3. Options of how other sizes will “feel.”

4. Easy check out.


Track and Report

We track every users’ measurements, cart adds, purchases, and returns.

We evaluate the Shape Space of your consumers to enhance your sizing strategies.

Understanding your consumer Shape Space increases the profitability of all business units.


Our Data, a Strong Foundation

We are the only vendor who can accurately measure the ever changing sizes & shapes of the world population due to our infastructure.

Our Services are built atop more than 1,000,000 3D body scans captured from our thousands of patented 3D body scanners deployed in 53 countries.

We deploy more than 50 new 3D body scanners every month and capture more than 2,000 scans every day from our global network of 3D body scanners. Both scanner deployment and scan capture rates double each year making our 3D body scan dataset, by far, the most current, largest, fastest growing, and most diverse 3D body model and measurement dataset in the world.



Trusted by brands at every level



Adam Bridegan (CMO @ Rhone)

“BodyBlock Predict has enabled a better consumer experience, which increases consumer confidence in our sizes and has produced significant lift in our checkouts. Aside from the great consumer experience, BodyBlock AI’s understanding of each consumer’s body measurements, gives us the ability to integrate this data into our future designs to better fit our customers.”


alexis gemme piacente (CEO @ Hub1916)

“A simple integration with a huge impact on customer conversions. The confidence of our clients is much higher and it automatically translates into smarter purchases.”


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